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your deeper Why

Since our company’s start in 2008, one of our core beliefs has been to develop and use our God-given talents to help people. With the launch of Y Design Co, that remains the force behind what we do. Our passion is to help you—our clients—discover and connect with your deeper Why on an emotional level so that in turn that sense of purpose invigorates you to drive your What and How forward. Here are some ways we do that:


identity Design

We collaborate with you to craft an iconic, durable logo that simply and memorably portrays your deeper Why. If it works for you, we also create your branding and visual system to strategically build your brand and boost your visibility.


graphic design

We design anything you want or need: business cards, brochures & other marketing collateral, stationery, etc., that engages the page/screen to shout your message (or speak it calmly; whichever works for you) with your new visual voice.

Small Biz

brand Identity

This is our signature package. It includes an iconic logo, design and printing for 500 business cards and either 500 brochures or rack cards (prices vary), and a profile pic & cover photo for social media, all based on your deeper Why.

Small Church & Non-Profit

discount Specials

Often small churches and non-profit organizations can’t afford to invest in quality design, and as a result their important voice is effectively weakened. Y Design Co is an excellent solution to the problem. We evaluate each situation, and then discount our work or offer it pro-bono. The package typically includes: – a logo and stationery to capture the essence of your vision – bulletins and/or newsletters to keep members informed and involved – outreach material (tracts, event fliers/posters, etc.) to communicate your passion and purpose



Weddings offer such a wonderful flourish in the world of design, and we always appreciate the chance to invest in a couple’s future. A typical suite will offer: – a logo/insignia, save-the-dates, invitations, programs, and thank-you cards to add beauty and value to your perfect day.